At the very heart of Baroque Bling is Lauren’s appreciation for the art of making music.  Even before founding the company, she recognized the prominence that music plays in the world and has always felt a responsibility for its ongoing discovery.  


As Baroque Bling continues to expand its markets, this musician has been looking for special opportunities to give back to the industry.  Beginning in 2014, Lauren is initiating support for the perpetuation of youth music programs, introducing children who might not otherwise have an opportunity to know and love music as much as she does.


This sensibility toward the arts has been central to the company’s views on its own manufacturing as well, and the importance of maintaining handcrafted production within the USA remains key. While it is certainly not the least expensive option, Lauren believes in the value of supporting local artisans, uncompromised quality and the message it conveys about the company.


Please check back with the Baroque Bling site as Lauren will be pleased to keep you updated on the latest philanthropic ventures.